Self-Study Report

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is currently in the process of preparing for its Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visit scheduled for April 22-24, 2013 (the comprehensive visit  This Self-Study process is one of the most important institutional projects where shared governance can be visibly demonstrated.  The Self-Study process and report play a critical role in Higher Learning Commission's review of our College and their decision to grant re-accreditation.  In turn, having a successful accreditation visit is vital for our success as a college.  It ensures that we are keeping the promise we made to our community, and is vital for full-time student enrollment, federal funds, and successful student transfers.  The 2013 Self-Study Report, A Roadmap for Success, has been provided to the Higher Learning Commission and peer review team and includes access to electronic versions of evidence to support our claims of meeting the Criteria of Accreditation.  Southern continues to communicate important issues and create dialog opportunities for the campus community including a download of the self-study report and supplemental documents.

"A Roadmap for Success" 2013 Self-Study Report is available for download as a PDF.

Appendix A, Optional Supplemental Materials, Not Applicable

Appendix B, Required Supplements, (Institutional Snapshot, Federal Compliance, List of Documents in the Resource Room) is available for download as a PDF.

Multi-Campus Visit—Branch Campus Report is available for download as a PDF.

Comprehensive Visit Itinerary is available for download as a PDF.