Self-Study Organizational Structure

HLC Committee Structure and Responsibilities

Self-Study Co-Coordinator and Accreditation Liaison Officer – Dr. Merle Dempsey

  • Provide leadership for HLC reaccreditation process.
  • Ensure that self-study is an institutional priority.
  • Serve as chair to Steering Committee.
  • Serve as primary liaison with the HLC staff.
  • Coordinate the self-study process.
  • Prepare agendas and facilitate Steering Committee meetings.
  • Develop and approve the self-study plan, goals and timetable.
  • Develop data collection instruments and processes.
  • Determine necessary and best type of information / evidence to guide institutional improvement.
  • Analyze information and evidence objectively, presenting deficiencies as well as successes.

Self-Study Steering Committee – Broad Representation and Diverse

  • Review report drafts and provide input on content.
  • Promote the self-study process campus-wide.
  • Ensure campus-wide involvement.
  • Review working papers from Criterion Committees.
  • Determine content of self-study taken from working papers.
  • Provide broad perspective on all issues related to institutional self-study.

Criterion and Governance Committees with Lead Responsibility

  • "Obligations of Affiliation" Review —Executive Council
  • Criterion One: Mission — Strategic Planning Review Committee
  • Criterion Two: Ethical and Responsible Conduct — Quality Integrated Services Committee
  • Criterion Three: Teaching and Learning - Quality, Resources, and Support — Curriculum and Instruction Committee
  • Criterion Four: Teaching and Learning - Evaluation and Improvement — Assessment Committee
  • Criterion Five: Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness — Finance and Facilities Committee
  • "Request for Change Committee" (Seek Approval for Online Programs) - Faculty Experienced in Online Instruction
  • The Criterion Committees will
    • Write an evaluative response to the criteria statements based on data collected, addressing each core component and providing patterns of evidence;
    • Identify strengths and areas of concern based on data and information gathered;
    • Formulate improvement plans for each area of concern in the committee's area of responsibility; and
    • Present report drafts to the Self-Study Steering Committee.

Committee Membership

Governance Committees may expand membership as needed to fulfill the responsibilities assigned under the Self-Study plan. Committees must have at least one representative from each of the five (5) major administrative units (Academic Affairs; Economic, Workforce and Community Development; Enrollment Management and Student Development; Finance; and Information Technology). Each Committee Chair and committee members must involve all employees in the Self-Study process. The Committee Chair will communicate the official recommendations and actions of the Committee to the Self-Study Steering Committee.

Support Services Responsibilities

Technology and Data Support — Office of Information Technology

  • Provide access to data and data analysis as requested by Criterion Committees and Self-Study Steering Committee.

e-Resource Room — Assistant to the President

  • Format documents and post appropriate data to e-Resource room.
  • Create a master listing of all documents in e-Resource Room, by alphabetical listing of documents,  coordinating with appendix and other listings in self-study report.
  • Develop and maintain self-study website.

Site Visit Resources and Arrangements Coordinator — Assistant to the President

  • Coordinate with Office of Information Technology in setting up appropriate technology and physical resource room.
  • Locate appropriate on-campus facilities for Peer Review Team, and prepare those facilities according to the needs of the team members.
  • Determine prior to the visit, any special needs of the team (e.g. dietary restrictions, accessibility needs, etc.).
  • Make hotel arrangements for the team, including a meeting room at the hotel if necessary.
  • Coordinate transportation for the team members.
  • Coordinate with Self-Study Coordinators activities relating to the Peer Review Team's campus visit.