Criterion One: Mission

The Mission Subcommittee is tasked with analyzing the actions of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College against the standards of Criterion One of the Higher Learning Commission's criteria for accreditation.  The criterion inquires about how the institution's mission is clear, articulated publicly, and appropriate to an institution of higher education.  This subcommittee gathers information and evaluates the College according to the HLC's first criterion and creates a written draft regarding these findings.

Allyn Sue Barker, Chair

Administration Representative

Martha Maynard, Vice Chair

Faculty Senate Chair

William 'Bill' Cook

Administration Representative

Alyce Patterson-Diaz 

Career and Technical Division Representative

Thad Stupi

Career and Technical Division Representative

Mary Hamilton

University Transfer Division Representative

Charles 'Chuck' Puckett University Transfer Division Representative

Boone/Lincoln Classified Staff Representative

Carol Jobe

Logan Classified Staff Representative

Martha Paige

Williamson Classified Staff Representative

Rhonda Lester

Wyoming/McDowell Classified Staff Representative

Virginia Stepp

Classified Staff Council Chair

Eileen Aranas

Student Representative, Board of Governors

Cheryl HicksRecorder