Mission and Vision Statements

Southern's Mission Statement 

It is the mission of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College to provide accessible, affordable, quality education and training while promoting lifelong learning for those we serve.

Institutional Commitments

As a comprehensive community and technical college, Southern is committed to providing:

  1. Developmental and pre-college level education for those who lack the necessary academic background for direct entry into college-level courses.
  2. Programs of study leading to the associate in arts and the associate in science degrees which can be effectively transferred and applied toward the baccalaureate degree.
  3. Programs of study in career and technical fields leading to a skill-set certification, certificate degree and/or the associate in applied science degree for entry into the workforce.
  4. Workforce development, continuing education and training programs that support the needs of employees and employers and serve as a mechanism for economic development.
  5. Support services that assist students in achieving their education and training goals.
  6. Community interest programs and activities that promote personal growth and cultural enrichment. 

Southern's Vision Statement 

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College aspires to establish itself as a model of leadership, academic excellence, collaboration, and occupational training, equipping its students with the tools necessary to compete and propser in the regional and global economies of the twenty-first century. 

Southern's Core Values

We will accomplish our mission by: 

    • Achieving excellence in education and service.
    • Exhibiting integrity in all that we do.
    • Collaborating and communicating actively with others.
    • Being committed in word and deed.
    • Imparting passion and compassion to our every task.
    • Leading by encouragement and support of lifelong learning.
    • Embracing change through bold actions.
    • Being creative and innovative at all levels.
    • Initiating opportunities for the community.
    • Celebrating success.