Goals for the Self-Study Process

Although the primary purpose of the self-study process is to demonstrate that Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (Southern) meets the criteria for continued accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), in the broader context, the objective is to clearly show that the College is driven by its mission and has a vision for the future.  Six goals have been established for the self-study process.  These goals are to:


    1. Conduct a self-study that reflects Southern's mission and examines not only where the College has been, but also demonstrates a collegewide understanding of where the institution is going, and how each area of the College will contribute to its success.
    2. Engage the entire College in a process to identify areas of strength and weakness while also providing opportunities for celebration of accomplishments.
    3. Conduct a self-study through participation by all members of the College and external constituencies that seek input and gives feedback through an open process.
    4. Develop plans of action to immediately address challenges identified during the self-study process.
    5. Obtain HLC approval for Southern to offer fully online associate degree and certificate programs.
    6. Develop a collegewide understanding that the accreditation process will not result in a final product, but will emphasize planning and will allow the College to continue to meet the needs of those it serves well into the future.