Evidence File for 2020 HLC Focused Visit Report

In its 2018 Final Report of a visit to Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Peer Review Team identified four core components that were "met with concerns."  In order to address these areas of concern, Southern will host a focused visit by the HLC on March 2-3, 2020.

A Focused Visit basically consists of a small team of peer reviewers who will visit Southern to determine whether the institution has fully and appropriately addressed those four areas of concern.  Along with the focused visit, the college is expected to produce a focused report demonstrating that we have addressed each of the four areas that were "met with concerns."

This webpage lists some of the documentary evidence that will be presented to the HLC for the Focused Visit.  Please note that this is a work in progress, and we will be frequently adding new documents to this webpage.

Evidence Index by Title

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